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The Key Words Way 200 series

The 200 series is a set of short stories based on the second block of 100 key words.

All the stories are in PDF format. You can download the stories onto any device that has a PDF Reader. The stories are available from our Online Resources page and priced in Australian Dollars (AU$).

All the stories and illustrations are written and illustrated by us. 


200 series 

The 200 serires a set of 5 short stories with the following titles:


A short story 'At the Show'A short story 'At the Show'

A short story 'At the Shop'A short story 'At the Shop'

A short story 'At Work'A short story 'At Work'

A short story 'A Play'A short story 'A Play'

A short story 'At a Play'A short story 'At a Play'







  • 200A At the Show (AU$1.99) 
  • 200B At the Shop (AU$1.99)
  • 200C At Work (AU$1.99)
  • 200D A Play (AU$1.99)
  • 200E At a Play (AU$1.99)

The short stories are about Bob's life as a young man working away from home, learning to draw and attending a show and a play.

Each story is based on the second block of 100 key words and each story also uses words from the earlier series. 

Story  Word Count    

 Second Block of 100 key words used  

 New words used 
200A At the Show        554  36  85
200B At the Shop  513  41  43
200C At Work  512  34  32
200D A Play  555  42  27
200E At a Play  547  35  64


Total words used in the 100 series, 101 series, 102 series and 200 series (including new words) = 710

Last updated 28/01/2019